High Frequency Digital Intra-oral X-ray Unit


Vega Vision-XD is a High Frequency (DC) Intra Oral Dental X-ray generator designed to provide excellent image quality at low radiological doses.

Input voltages 220Vac, 50/60Hz, (Voltage is Country Specific), is well tolerated with the devices multiple input sources and its digital controls. The unit operates on single-phase power input controlled by a unique closed Loop system. Digital control technology enables the unit to be operated even in tough rural or remote areas of the world.

With the assistance of its digital controls, the system produces excellent image quality even at very low exposure settings this virtually eliminates harmful soft radiation.

Vision-XD is designed with unique X-ray shielding technology that virtually eliminates leakage radiation. This ensures that both patient and clinician are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

The ‘Drift-free’ multi positional scissor arms provide excellent tube head stability. This eliminates re-takes aiding the clinician and supports quality imaging. The arms are light and easy to handle yet long enough to reach most positions within a typical dental office.

Vision-XD incorporates an integrated small cone design. The tube head size makes positioning simple even at complex angles. The intelligent design incorporates an automatic exposure program for different patient size and tooth number. Vision-XD comes with user programmable settings to suit the different needs of the dentist, dental assistant and the patient.

Vision-XD is available as wall mount and mobile stand configuration. The Vision-XD unit is suitable for use in Dental offices with film or digital appliances such as Phosphor Plates (PSP), CCD, CMOS and CdTe imaging units. The units incorporate the latest in filtration, vacuum encapsulation and clean-room product assembly.

Technical Specifications

Generator Type High Frequency, Microprocessor Controlled DC
Input Voltage 220VAC +-22VAC
Control of High Voltage Closed Loop
High Voltage Range 50kV – 70kV
Accuracy of High Voltage Better than 5%
High Voltage Ripple Frequency > 200kHz
High Voltage Ripple < 3%
High Voltage Rise Time < 3mS
Control of Tube Current Closed Loop
Tubehead current range 4mA – 8mA Settable
Accuracy of current ± 5%
Maximum Exposure Time 2 Secs
Minimum Exposure Time 50mS
Exposure Timer Accuracy Better than 4%
Tube Insert Model XD-12
Focal Spot (IEC336) 0.8mm IEC
Maximum Electrical Output 490W at 70kV, 7mA
Anode material Tungsten
Anode angle 19°
Insert Inherent filtration 0.5 mm Al equivalent @ 70 kV
Anode thermal capacity 7 kJ
Duty Cycle 1:15 Automatic limit based on temperature
Total X-Ray filtration >2.5 mm Al equivalent at 70 kV
Minimum focus to skin distance 22 cm built in, 30 cm with optional cone
X-ray field (at collimator tip) Circular, diameter 6cm
Leakage radiation @ 1m < 0.1 mGy/h
Leakage radiation technique 70 kV, 8 mA, 1s, 225 exp/hr

Mechanical Dimensions and Weight

Tube Head Outer Covers ABS Plastic with Glossy Finish
Cone Material Plastic (Polycarbonate)
Extension Arm Material Aluminium
Type of painting Subtle Gloss
Mounting type Wall mounted and Mobile
Mobile unit  
Extended Arm Reach 1,718 mm
Height of unit with Arms folded < 1200mm
Extension Arm Rotation about Base 160°
Scissor Arm Rotation about xtension Arm 330°
Scissor Arm Swing 160°
Tube Head swivel on horizontal plane 410°
Tube Head rotation about Vertical Plane 305°
Wall mounted unit  
Extended Arm Reach 2,130/2,350 mm
Height of unit with Arms folded 2,170mm
Minimum wall space required 4,100/4540mm
Extension Arm Rotation about Base 160°
Scissor Arm Rotation about xtension Arm 330°
Scissor Arm Swing 160°
Wall Mounted  
Total Weight of System 25Kg
Weight of Tube Head 5Kg
Total Weight of System 56Kg
Weight of Tube Head 5Kg

Wall Mounted

Mechanical Dimension

Mobile Mounted

Mechanical Dimension