Digital hand held X-ray generator


The Vision-XH is a lightweight, portable intra-oral high frequency (digital) X-ray unit small enough to be carried to the patient with minimum effort. At a total weight of only 1.3kg, the unit is ergonomic and easily used in a disaster relief environment.

When used correctly, the unit produces excellent X-ray images given all cautions and instructions have been followed during the X-ray sequence. It automatically calculates the required X-ray dose (mGy) based on tooth number and patient type as well as has a maximum number of exposures between charges as high as three hundred (300) depending on dosage used for varying patient types.

The Vision-XH, produced by reputable manufacturers using quality components, comes with an excellent warranty period of two years offered to all buyers who operate the unit in accordance with the respective user manual operating instructions.

Features and Benefits

The digital and high voltage technology used in the Vision-XH is both tried and proven for many years. Additional safety and user features are detailed below.

Reduction to X-ray exposure:

Up to six (6) fold reduction compared to non portable X-ray units

Large Graphic Display:

Easy to see set parameters

High Frequency Electric Circuits:

Inverter type circuitry reduces exposure to over voltage conditions

Low X-ray output:

Switch from film media to electronic media with a simple output setting

Rechargeable Battery:

Portable, long time between charges (approximately, 300 exposures)

Remote Control Switch:

Small cabled remote controller, enhance safety

Light weight:

Truly portable at 1.3 kg

Carry Case:

Both portability and safety is enhanced with a robust dedicated carry case

Low Battery Warning:

Battery condition notice, improves work flow and safety.

Vision-XH – Technical Specifications

Model Vision-XH
X-ray generator Digital High Frequency
Tube voltage 70kV
Tube current 1mA
Rated Power 60 Va
Tube type Stationary
Tube focal spot 0.3 mm
Target angle 20°
Total Filtration 1.5mm Al
Exposure time 0.1~1.6 sec
Film 0.20~1.35sec
Power requirement DC 14.2~16.8V
Re-chargeable batteryrating DC14.8V 6400 mA
Input Voltage 100 – 240 VAC +/- 10%
Input Current 1.0A
Cooling System Oil Cooling
Focus to skin distance 110 mm
X-ray field 50mm
Battery Material Lithium-Polymer
Weight 1.35kg
Detector Film/Digital Sensor
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Display Graphic LCD
Ambient temperature envelope 5º C ~ 40ºC
Relative humidity <75% RH.